Design & Construction
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We offer a bespoke service to all our clients to meet the most complicated of designs. We have worked closely with property developers & architects on both residential & commercial pools within the local area   Our team specialises in bespoke, individually designed saunas, steam rooms and spas. These are built to the highest standard, each is custom built, and all are finished to the highest quality. Installation & Maintenence (Plant filtration) Commercial Plant Filtration       Residential Construction – Shape Change   Residential concrete, tiled pool, total reshape, pool built in Spring/Summer 2013. Started off in a kidney shape, client wanted to modernise the pool in line with the property. The pool is now oblong shaped.  

Repairs & Refurbishment
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We undertake swimming pool repairs and refurbishments, from small repairs to major reconstruction projects. We offer a wide range of repair & refurbishment methods specialising in pool fibre glassing. Please get in contact to discuss the best solution for you. Some of our clients have include commercial pools at schools and leisure centre’s/gymnasiums.     Fibreglass Pools The practical uses of fibreglass are virtually everlasting. Fibreglass opened many new avenues for creative designers. It’s unique physical properties allow it to be easily tooled, moulded and manufactured to meet almost any specifications. Fibreglass is non-corrosive and has a much longer life expectancy when compared to many construction materials. In highly corrosive environments fibreglass is the preferred choice over metal, wood, or plastic. A popular choice where exposure to harsh environments is a concern, fibreglass provides resistance to ultra-violent light, extreme temperatures, salt air, and a variety of chemicals including most acids. Fibre Glassing Your Swimming Pool Advantages of fibreglass for swimming pool construction: Adds strength to your pool’s construction. Fibreglass has its own flexible strength. That’s why it’s used in aircraft and yacht construction. So fibreglass will certainly add stability and strength to your swimming pool’s structure. This added bonus would help reduce or prevent problems caused by seasonal earth movements and invasive root growth. Tiled or coated concrete pools and PVC liner pools don’t have this additional strength built in. Safely smooth surface. The top gel coat of a fibreglass liner produces a hardwearing, smooth, abrasion safe finish. Stain resistant. The non-porous top surface of fibreglass means you won’t have the ‘tide marks’ that plague PVC liner pools. When swimmers sensibly use sun tan and uv barrier creams and lotions it will eventually lead to unsightly hard to get rid of stains at the water levels of PVC liner pools. So for a great tan and great looking pool go for fiberglass every time! Lower running costs:  A fibreglass pool’s smooth and non-porous surface resists algae far better than tiles. That amounts to less dosage of algaecide and chlorine which is kinder to your hair, swim suits and the environment. The chemically inert nature of fibreglass’s outer layer will make management of your pool’s water chemical balance easier and less costly. On the other hand, concrete pools leach alkaline and need regular dosing of acid so the chlorine can be effective. Fiberglass has good thermal insulation properties; helping to cut your heating cost. Higher life expectancy, lowest refurbishment and maintenance costs. Over the lifetime of your fibreglass pool the likelihood of you needing to drain it is minimal. However with a PVC liner pool you will need to replace the liner every 5 to 7 years. Similarly, a concrete pool will need to be regularly drained and acid washed. And a tiled pool has the disadvantage of eventually needing re-grouting. The tiling grout will only withstand chlorine immersion for so long before its erosion will lead to your pool leaking. So, in terms of convenience and true costs a fibreglass lined pool…

Maintenance & Sanitisation
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Summerisation and winterisation (both Domestic & Commercial) We can confidently affirm that with our expert knowledge of sanitisation and swimming pool maintenance our clients will be left enjoying all the benefits of a clear and clean swimming pool all year round. We advise and offer a tailor made annual contract to suit each individual need, this may cover anything from weekly, fortnightly to quarterly visits.  Summerisation includes: Topping up water level as required Removal and storage of winter debris cover Reconstruct plant equipment Complete first, vacuum, net, test and dose Winterisation includes: Application of winter chemicals Clean all filters and the swimming pool Wrap solar cover up Fit winter cover Final equipment check for maintenance schedule

Technical & Design Advice
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Thinking of building a swimming pool? Look no further, we offer competitive prices with flexibility to your ideas and design. We offer swimming pool design to private clients and leisure industries alike. Our knowledge and experience allows us to design and construct swimming pools of exceptional quality. Our pools are always thoroughly checked to ensure they meet our supremely high standards before handing them over to you for years of enjoyable and safe swimming. UK Pools Ltd. can also provide the specialist design services which are necessary for highly arduous projects. We have worked with some of London’s finest architects and designers to ensure you are presented with the finest swimming pool. These experts utilise our swimming pool design services from the initial stage so that the completed swimming pool fits in with the surrounds of your garden. Please call our Team on 020 3463 4571 for expertise, advice and a competitive quotation to build your swimming pool

Pool Cover & Installation
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UK Pools Limited supply and install the best automatic and safety covers available on the market today. The Coverstar automatic safety covers are manufactured in Utah USA.  They are hydraulic driven and are operated via a lockable toggle type key switch.  They are more than capable of supporting children, pets and even adults should they accidentally walk on it.  A Coverstar will keep out the bad (like leaves dirt and debris) and keep in the good (like heat, water and chemicals).  The actual fabric is not industry standard vinyl, but the Ultraguard III vinyl composite. The Roldeck is a slatted type automatic cover and is manufactured in Holland.  Certikin have been supplying Roldecks for 25 years! Whilst the safety aspect can be enhanced by installing a handrail or support ledge into the pool and also whilst they comply with the French Safety Standard NFP90-308 (providing special securing straps are fitted), they are not to be sold or promoted as a full blown safety cover. The Roldeck will help reduce evaporation and heat loss and will create an aesthetically pleasing finish to your pool (whether it be indoor or outdoor). Thinking of building a new pool or replacing an old automatic cover?  Contact our Staff for guidance and a quotation. Bespoke Electric Pool Cover Solution   Roldeck Cover Replacement Projects undertaken by UK Pools Limited.  December 2012