Products & Supplies

We supply a large range of products from water treatment chemicals to pumps, filters, heating and environmental control systems.

Visit our online shop for all your swimming pool and chemical needs.

At UK Pools LTD we can fulfil all of your swimming pool requirements. We are confident that with our extensive range you will find the product you are looking for. Our range includes a wide collection of water treatment chemicals, filters, pumps & more. Please contact our customer services team to place an order or for any enquiries.

We offer our own brand of pool chemicals, and we also stock the Champion range of swimming pool and spa chemicals as part of our commitment to provide you with only premium products.

We can supply anything from the following products:

Swimming pool and Spa chemicals to

Filters & pumps,

Pool lighting & effects

Pool liners & finishes

Pool Covers, Rollers, Auto-Covers & Enclosures

Pool heating & Dehumidifiers

Automatic Dosing Systems

Underwater lighting

Water features

Electrical control panels

Pool ladders and slides

Coping stones


Counter Current Units

Ventilation systems


Our Suppliers: