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UK Pools Limited supply and install the best automatic and safety covers available on the market today.

The Coverstar automatic safety covers are manufactured in Utah USA.  They are hydraulic driven and are operated via a lockable toggle type key switch.  They are more than capable of supporting children, pets and even adults should they accidentally walk on it.  A Coverstar will keep out the bad (like leaves dirt and debris) and keep in the good (like heat, water and chemicals).  The actual fabric is not industry standard vinyl, but the Ultraguard III vinyl composite.

The Roldeck is a slatted type automatic cover and is manufactured in Holland.  Certikin have been supplying Roldecks for 25 years!

Whilst the safety aspect can be enhanced by installing a handrail or support ledge into the pool and also whilst they comply with the French Safety Standard NFP90-308 (providing special securing straps are fitted), they are not to be sold or promoted as a full blown safety cover. The Roldeck will help reduce evaporation and heat loss and will create an aesthetically pleasing finish to your pool (whether it be indoor or outdoor).

Thinking of building a new pool or replacing an old automatic cover?  Contact our Staff for guidance and a quotation.

Bespoke Electric Pool Cover Solution


Roldeck Cover Replacement Projects

undertaken by UK Pools Limited.  December 2012


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