Maintenance & Sanitisation

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Summerisation and winterisation (both Domestic & Commercial)

We can confidently affirm that with our expert knowledge of sanitisation and swimming pool maintenance our clients will be left enjoying all the benefits of a clear and clean swimming pool all year round. We advise and offer a tailor made annual contract to suit each individual need, this may cover anything from weekly, fortnightly to quarterly visits.

 Summerisation includes:

  1. Topping up water level as required
  2. Removal and storage of winter debris cover
  3. Reconstruct plant equipment
  4. Complete first, vacuum, net, test and dose

Winterisation includes:

  1. Application of winter chemicals
  2. Clean all filters and the swimming pool
  3. Wrap solar cover up
  4. Fit winter cover
  5. Final equipment check for maintenance schedule

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